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The Falconry

Falcons Mohr

My name is Franz Mohr and I would like to share a few words about falconry and myself. Over the years I got nicely nick named "Falcons-Mohr".

My experience in falconry

Today, I can look back to decades that I spent with my proud feathered friends. Looking back those days, I would not want to miss a single day indeed. There is only one way to collect comprehensive experience and having success in falconry - if someone is absolutely dedicated and intensively engaged in falconry over many years. Yes, of course, there must be a very positive and so close relationship to ones feathered friends.

I was also intensively engaged into the classical form of hunting with falcons, which enabled me collecting valueable experiences, and mirrored my success in breeding. I have also successfully been hunting with Golden Eagles [Aqila Chrysaetos] and later I begun to breed the Golden Eagles with success. By the way, my first hunting falcons were Lanner [Falco biarmicus], Peregrines [Falco Peregrinus], Saker [Falco Cherrug], Gyrfalcons [Falco Rusticolus], later Gyr/Saker [Falco Rusticolus/Falco Cherrug] and also Gyr/Peregrines [Falco Rusticolus/Falco Peregrinus].

Hacking falcons

The wild hacking falcons are released for a certain time to reach their hunting potential by giving them experience. The method is used for young falcons to become an independent and successful hunter. Hacking is a very beneficial technique to train hunting falcons. Look at my current hunting birds on falcons for sale.


My falconry is located in a valley, minutes away from the Wachau- and Danube Valley. The entire region of Wachau is a cultural world heritage (UNESCO) and best known throughout the world. But also Melk, our district capital, is worth a visit indeed. More information and contact details can be found on the page contact.